Reminders app for iPhone and iPad: The ultimate guide

While Reminders will never replace a sophisticated "getting things done" app, it is a pretty great "getting started" app for those new to to-dos. You can use Reminders to make shopping lists or packing lists or to keep work and home organized. You can set reminders for specific times or specific locations, so you can remember to take medication when you need to, and stop by the store when you leave the office. You can add to dos at any time with Siri — and "Hey Siri!", totally hands-free! — and even remind yourself about anything you're looking at on any Apple device just by saying "remember this!".

How to set up Reminders lists

The Reminders apps for iPhone and iPad l lets you create to-do and task lists, and even share them with a friend. Whether it's a grocery list for you and your family, a party list for your friends, or a "getting things done" list for that big project at home or at work, reminder lists will keep you focused and organized!

How to create to-dos in Reminders

Sure, you can add a task to a list in the Reminders app. But if you really want to get things done, you can add due date to your reminder... or even a due location. That way you can get alerts not only for specific times, but when you leave or arrive at specific places as well. Never forget to take the pizza out the oven, call home when you leave work, or pick up milk when you get to the store again!

How to clear Reminders

There are two ways to remove a task from Reminders. The first by tapping the completed button, which marks the task as done and hides it from the active list. The other way is to manually delete the task from the list, whether you've done it or not.

How to edit Reminders

Just because you've set a to-do or task doesn't mean you're stuck with it. Reminders lets you add timers or location alerts, edit text and change priority, even add notes if you need them.

How to share Reminders with Family Sharing

If you're using Family Sharing, you can share Reminders with everyone in your group. From shopping list items to household chores, packing lists to game day tasks, shared reminders are a great way to keep the whole family organized and engaged. The best part is once you've enabled Family Sharing, you're good to go!

How to set reminders and update to-do lists with Siri

Siri was designed to help you get things done, and part of that job description is creating and updating your Reminders. If you need to be prodded to pick up milk on the way home, order that present in time for the big party, or set up that lunch meeting before the end of the day, Siri's there to help.